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All of our marquees are made from 'A' grade cotton canvas. Not only is the canvas fully waterproof, but unlike its PVC equivalent, our marquee can keep the heat in on chilly nights and keep it cool on a summer's day. All our marquees require an additional 1m perimeter around the tent for the guy lines.


Below is the maximum capacity of each of our marquees, and some suggested table layouts. The final design is, of course, up to you.   

6m x 6m (seats up to 36 seated or 45 standing)

6m x 9m (seats up to 48 or 60 standing)

6m x 12m (seats up to 60 or 80 standing)

6m x 15m (seats up to 72 or 95 standing)

6m x 18m (seats up to 96 or 120 standing)

6m x 21m (seats up to 102 with top table, 108 in rows or 140 standing)

6m x 24m (seats up to 114 with top table, 120 in rows or 160 standing)

6m x 6m Marquee 

U-shaped table layout ideal for intimate gatherings

diagram 6m ushape_edited.jpg

6m x 12m Marquee 

Top table with two rows popular for weddings and formal events

diagrams 2.png
diagram 18m diagonal.png

6m x 18m Marquee 

Scattered table arrangement suitable for informal events

6m x 24m Marquee 

Top table with two rows, with bar and dance floor. In this example, the top table is slightly raised for dining/speeches, but would need to be moved when the dancing gets going!

diagram 24m with dancefloor and bar.png

Not sure where to start? You can design your own tent here using our Tent Planner Tool. You can select the size marquee you would like, add in internal and external furniture, and even place the tent over satellite map view of your location. We have created some pre-designed layouts of some of our most popular marquee formats, or you can design your own from scratch. You can choose from our range of equipment and furniture available, or add in your own custom item e.g. DJ. This can also be helpful for planning seating arrangements for your guests. 

Please bear in mind that this tool is for guidance only and best used on a desktop browser; if you have any specific requests regarding layout or furniture, please send us the link to your plan so we can discuss with you directly.

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